Doing it

Something has to change. And that something is me.

Following up on my last post with this one. I can’t keep waiting for my life to start. I need to start living it!

I’ve abused my poor body over the years. In all fairness, it tried to assassinate me too a couple of times. But I know I should take better care of it.

I’ve always been hesitant in investing into my health. I used to think losing weight equalled becoming healthy. But I found out over the years that it’s quite the opposite. (Unless you are morbidly obese of course)

So time to take the matter in my own hands and work. It’s not really about losing weight, I have no trouble doing that. It’s about getting fit, strong and healthy.


I’ve been eating semi-healthy but I want to go all the way. No skipping meals and binging after. I want to do it properly!

Besides that I want to get some exercise in. I don’t move at all right now. I’ll slowly build it up from 4 x 15 minutes a week. To 4 x 30 minutes. I’ll plop in some cardio here and there. But my main focus is getting toned, not thin.

So I’m hijacking this blog every once in a while to post my measurements, progress and food diary.

I won’t be mad if you rage quit my blog.

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