Getting in my shorts

I’ve had cellulite for as long as I can remember. As my weight fluctuated over the years, so did its severity. I got the chance to test out the Guam cellulite treatment. Obsessed with self-improvement, I jumped on this opportunity.

My weight isn’t too bad and I eat pretty healthy. But I’m seated for almost the entire part of the day. Lack of activity has taken a toll on the muscle tone in my legs. Cellulite now rules the kingdom that is my thighs.

I’ve tried several anti-cellulite treatments before. So far, the Nivea ‘Goodbye cellulite’ one was my favorite. Sure the results weren’t permanent. But it provided me with a quick fix for any event.

With summer coming up. I’d like to see myself confident enough to wear shorts. I’m not asking for a bikini worthy body. Just a set of legs I don’t feel the need to cover up all the time.

guam cellulite treatment

I’m hoping this Guam treatment will do the trick. It’s a pretty elaborate process. You get a week schedule with which products to use on which days. There are days you have to cover up your cellulite-ridden parts with algae mud and wrap them in cellophane for 45 minutes. After those 45 minutes you wash off the mud and apply a tightening gel.

Guam cellulite treatment

The other days you just apply a day and night treatment.

I took some before pictures. I’m hoping to show you the results this time next week.

I’ll keep you posted!

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