Green Tea Bath

Friday December 21st, 2012

I have a lot of weird beauty and skincare habits that usually serve no purpose. But this one actually has some results. So today I’d like to tell you all about my green tea bath.

You all probably know that green tea is good for your health. Many also say that it makes you beautiful from the inside out. So I thought: “Hey, why not give the green tea inside me a hand and steep myself in some” (I actually do talk to myself like that :p ).

How to do it:

Run yourself a nice warm bath. I’m not suggesting that you boil yourself but make it slightly warmer than you are used to. Unless you already bathe in a geiser ;) .
Then cut open 3 to 4 green tea bags (the plain, unscented kind) and dunk the leaves in your steamy bath. I like to use either some gunpowder tea or Pickwick pure green tea.
Bathe for a good 30 minutes (WARNING: you might break a sweat). Then rince off with some nice cool (slightly below body temp) water.
What does it do?
My skin feels super soft and smooth after this bath. I also notice that my skin has a subtle glow afterwards. You must try it out for yourself in order to see the results. Washing out the tealeaves from the bathtub will seem a small price to pay for soft, glowy skin.

Do you have any weird bath time habits?

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  • 6 years ago

    Jammer genoeg hebben wij geen bad :( Wel een leuke tip!

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