Kamakura: Perfect Little Getaway

When Tokyo becomes too much of a city to handle, hop on the train to Kamakura. This lovely city is perfect to recharge your batteries.

As I mentioned earlier, Tokyo was a tad bit overwhelming for me. I just couldn’t handle any more traffic, concrete and massive crowds. So we decided to take a break and escaped to Kamakura for a day.

Daibutsu Hiking Course

Initially we went there to go see the bamboo forest. But then we discovered that there was a hiking course leading up from Kita Kamakura station to the great buddha (Daibutsu). So we got off one stop earlier than expected and took the road slightly less traveled.

I truly recommend the Daibutsu Hiking Course. It’s such an energising walk. We were lucky enough to walk the path on a warm, sunny spring day. But on a rainy day, you might want to skip this hike. Because the steep parts can get very muddy.
the big buddha daibutsu

In Kita Kamakura’s station, they told us the hike would take us about 3 hours. But we arrived at the Kōtoku-in after a mere 1,5 hours. I wouldn’t have minded a longer walk. But was glad to be surrounded by nature nonetheless.

The Diabutsu is quite the sight! Truly worth the trip from Tokyo.

My favorite things to do in Kamakura

  • Take the Daibutsu Hiking Course
  • Stop on the highest point of this hike to spot Fuji mountain
  • Go to the beach and get your sandwich stolen by a hawk


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