Nara: A Furry Intermezzo

Nara is most commonly known for its population of passive-aggressive deer. So… you know… I just HAD to go.

Luckily Nara is much more than a bunch of tame deer getting fed by tourists. They have a massive park filled with shrines, temples and pagoda’s as well. The Tōdai-ji temple nearly blew me away just by its sheer size. Not to mention the gorgeous statues inside the temple.


During the daytime, Nara is overflown by tourists. It does take away a bit of the charm of this lovely city. But at night, all the tourist seem to crawl back on the tour busses they came on. Giving the locals a chance to get out of the house without being slapped with a selfie stick.

My favorite things to do in Nara

  • Feed the deer, duh!
  • Walking around aimlessly in Nara park
  • Going for a veggie burger at Sakura Burger
  • Grabbing a drink at the Sun Rock Cafe

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