Narita: Unanticipated Beauty

Our last stop in Japan was Narita. It was close to the airport and there were multiple shuttles and trains leaving from the town to it. We certainly didn’t expect Narita to be such a lovely little treasure.

Actually, we didn’t expect anything from Narita. We just wanted to minimise the hassle of getting up super early an traveling to the airport in order to catch our flight. So we decided to stay in a hotel close to the airport.

Narita park

As we arrived, we had a couple of hours to spare before we could check in. So we dropped our luggage and decided to walk around the town.

As we walked into the old centre of the town, we spotted a lot of souvenir shops and little restaurants. The town had a lot of tourists, but somehow the vibe felt more authentic than other cities. We walked up to the Naritasan Shinshō-ji Temple and decided to take a quick look.

Naritasan park

After two weeks of temples and shrines, you don’t really get blown away by them anymore. But the Naritasan grounds were different. Sure, it wasn’t as pretty as the golden pavilion in Kyoto or as grand as the Tōdai-ji in Nara. But the grounds surrounding the Narita temple were gorgeous.

Where the golden pavilion felt more like a Disneyland attraction, The Naritasan park felt real and authentic. We explored this park, for what seemed like hours, before returning to the souvenir shops.

naritasan waterfall

In my opinion, Narita is worth exploring. It’s much more than just another place for a layover.

My favorite things to do in Narita

  • Browse the souvenir shops and buy your loved ones a Daruma doll
  • Sit by the pond in the Naritasan park and watch the Koi
  • Have dinner at Ramen Bayashi

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