Tokyo: The City That Never Ends

You can’t go to Japan and not visit Tokyo, right? Where else would you find a cat cafe that serves a delicious Matcha Latte?

This time, unlike Osaka, I had an endless list of things I wanted to see. Shrines, temples, bamboo forests, crossings, museums and stores. I wanted to visit it all. But with only a couple of days left, we had to make some cuts.

Tokyo is huge! It’s like 23 cities mushed into one. So, unless you like blisters, you’re going to have to become besties with the subway system.

city view skyline

So yes, Tokyo is big. So big they had to invent the word ‘metropolis’ to cover it’s sheer grandeur. But, depending on the neighbourhood, it’s also very busy. There were times where I just had to run inside the nearest Muji to catch a breath. At one point it seemed like we where just hopping from park to park in order to get somewhere.

They say you only truly get to know yourself when traveling. Well, Tokyo (and Osaka) taught me that I’m not really a city girl. To me, freedom is hiking a mountain path, wandering around a forest or rolling around in a field.

So we took a break from the city life and escaped to Kamakura (more on that later). We came back refreshed and ready to take on the city once again. Our last days in Tokyo were wonderful. The city truly has so much to offer. You could spend a month there and still have only seen about half of the city. We tried to rush and see as much as we could in a couple of days and got overwhelmed. So please, do take your time with Tokyo.

Disk Union Kloot Per W

My favorite things to do in Tokyo

  • Strolling around Ueno park
  • Going to the Mori Art Museum late at night (and make dumb ‘MoriArty’ jokes)
  • And while your there, gaze at the incredible skyline from the Tokyo City View observation deck
  • Munching on some delicious vegan curry at Nagi Shokudo
  • Browsing around the Disk Union stores for hours
  • Have a coffee and observe Shibuya crossing

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