UPDATE: Coke-free for a week

Last week I decided to quit my one coke a day habit. This is how I got on.

Day 1: Mindless monday
I didn’t even crave my diet coke, not even for a second. I did mindlessly grab a coke zero from the cooler in the cafeteria. But I quickly realized what I had done and switched it out for some sparkling water.

Day 2: Thirsty tuesday
It. Was. So. Hot! I was thirsty all day. Yet again, I wasn’t thirsty for diet coke. I just wanted anything liquid in my mouth. I seemed to be able to fool my body with sparkling water for a second time. As long as it has bubbles, my mouth didn’t really care. However, I did get some freaky migraines. It felt like bubbles of air were traveling through my brain.

Day 3: Whatever wednesday
Oh, you have a diet coke? Whatever! I don’t want it. I did go to the movies later that night. In a social situation it was harder to drink water. When I drink water in a restaurant or cafe I always feel ripped off, like I didn’t get my money’s worth.

Day 4: Tumultuous thursday
This day was so busy I barely got a change to lunch, let alone think about diet coke.

Day 5: Frenzy friday
In the afternoon I craved something sweet. We still have a couple of cans laying around in the pantry. I could feel my mind slipping. Craving the refreshing, sparkling, sweet beverage. I found nothing better to do than to keep my mouth occupied with food, lots of it. #Munchies

Later that night I went out to lunch with my colleagues. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one drinking water. I did have a glass of wine and a virgin cocktail though. My mouth was very happy with something else than water.

Day 6: Silky saturday
Big ass wedding day. You couldn’t go five steps without being offered something to drink. To my own surprise I stayed strong. I had half a glass of wine and a bunch of water. I’m kinda sorta proud of myself.

Day 7: Sweaty sunday
Same old, same old. It was hot, I was thirsty. I drank water and some sparkling apple juice.

Looking back on the past week I’m surprised that I didn’t break down or ate an entire vending machine. Seeing that I used to drink coke zero to suppress my sweet tooth. Thank god for coffee though. At first I wanted to quit coffee and coke at the same time. I’m sure glad that I didn’t.

Physically, I feel different now. I’m not saying more energized. But definitely more focussed. I didn’t crash in my sofa around 8pm once this week. I tend to do this on a daily basis.

It’s not all unicorns and rainbow farts, though. I had terrible and concerning migraines for the first 3 days. Also my bowels were a bit on the stubborn side. I was constipated and only got released from this bloaty hellhole today.

Besides a bubbling sensation in my brain and a toiletpaper-free week it was a pretty normal week.

I’m curious how long I’ll last.

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